The cellular phone is an essential item to bring with you when leaving urban areas. However, in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory, the cellular phone only works on 7.4% of the territory. Outside the zone of coverage of cellular waves, it is preferable to have a satellite communication system (Iridium, Globestar, Spot for example). In addition, the 911 service only covers a part of the cellular coverage zones. Outside the 911 service coverage zone, it is strongly advised to subscribe to the AirMedic service.

When necessary, it is crucial to be able to indicate your position precisely and clearly. Therefore, it is always possible and strongly recommended to be able to signal your position with the help of GPS coordinates. An exact description of the roads used also helps to considerably reduce the response times. The main roads and the main forest roads have a unique number that emergency services know well. Most main roads also have kilometre markers. Please note the numbers of the main roads that you use and the kilometre marker near where you take a road or trail that is not numbered. In the absence of kilometre markers, note the distance between the entrance of the road and the entrance of the trail that you will use. It is also suggested to note the GPS coordinates at the entrance of the trail.